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Consulting Agreements
Consulting Agreements

Being a freelancer or contractor affords you a degree of freedom when it comes to your business arrangements — but it also comes with its unique set of legal questions and challenges, if you're not protected by a well-written agreement. Fortunately, the Sandman team can help you draft contracts that will provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Consulting and Work for Hire Agreements

As a freelancer, contractor or business that works with independent contractors, you stand to lose a lot if you don’t have a detailed, well-written contract for a multi-party project or venture. Individuals, businesses and organizations can benefit from working with a knowlegable attorney, as contracts and agreements on matters that include work for hire, employee and independent contractor support are vital elements of any business sucess equation. Solid, well-written contracts ensure that you don’t find yourself involved in a dispute or suffering losses as the result of a project gone awry.

There are generic work for hire agreements available, but the very general nature of these contracts means they’re limited in terms of their usefulness. A generic work for hire contract can leave you with a false sense of security and ultimately, you may end up with a document that’s of little value if you need to go to court to address a dispute. This can result in a major financial loss and significant stress, whether you’re a contractor or a business owner.

The experienced team at Sandman Law Office is available to help independent contractors, consultants, and businesses that require help drafting or reviewing a contract or crafting an agreement before you sign. We can also offer legal advice and representation if you need to pursue alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration.

Common Questions on Work for Hire Agreements and Consulting Contracts

Work for hire agreements, consulting contracts, and other written business agreements can be useful for spelling out the terms of your business arrangement, while protecting you if you ultimately need to litigate. Let’s look at a few of the common questions that our attorney addresses on this subject.

Why Do I Need a Work for Hire Agreement?

A work for hire contract is important because it clearly details key terms of your business arrangement. Work for hire agreements are commonly used by independent contractors and companies that offer or hire a subcontractor’s services.

A work for hire agreement is common in cases involving the creation of some sort of content, such as a website or website content, graphics, photographs, music or video footage. These contracts are especially important for creatives because they detail matters such as:

  • who will own the content and what, if any rights are going to be transferred to the company or party contracting the work
  • the scope of the project or work that will be performed
  • the payment terms and schedule
  • the timeframe for the work or project in question
  • any special terms such as the non-disclosure of sensitive information

As a contractor, you can also ensure that you detail what costs are included and what expenses may result in an added fee. For example, if you are a developer who is building a website for a company, you may need to indicate whether your fee includes the cost of content and stock photos or whether the client must pay for these items separately.

A good work for hire agreement is one that is detailed and specific, covering all of the essentials so that all parties are clear on the cost, scope and nature of the work. In fact, simply creating the agreement provides you with an opportunity to discuss and address any issues that could create an obstacle down the road if left unaddressed.

Do Consultants Need a Contract?

If you offer consulting services, it’s vital that you have a detailed contract that details the scope of your consulting services. Your contract must address issues such as:

  • the nature and scope of the consulting work
  • the amount of time that you will spend providing consultation services
  • the cost of your consulting services (i.e. by the job, by the hour, etc.)
  • the manner in which you will offer your consulting services (i.e. in person, by phone, by video chat, etc.)

Our law firm is also available to provide our clients with legal consulting services, providing advice and legal recommendations to contractors and businesses of all sizes.

Let Us Review or Draft Your Consulting Contract or Work for Hire Agreement

The right work for hire agreement or consulting contract can go a long way toward ensuring that your next business dealing goes smoothly, while minimizing your chances of suffering a loss.

Our law firm is here to help with all of your business legal needs, including consulting contracts and work for hire agreements. We can also assist with other matters, including non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, bid proposals, employee contracts, asset purchase agreements, trade secrets, intellectual property matters, and franchise related contracts.

If you require legal help, contract drafting services or need an experienced business attorney to represent you and your company in a legal matter, contact our lawyer today to schedule a confidential consultation session. Contact the law office of Sandman Law Office by calling 386-206-2898.