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Not sure how to draft the plan for your organization's future? Let us handle it, while you stay focused on the big ideas! 

A Solid Foundation For Your Future

A business plan describes your company, its job, and what distinguishes it from your competitors. It describes your products or services and your target demographic(s). A solid business strategy should also address funding, projected growth and profits, and how your company will be marketed.

With years of experience as business lawyer, Lori Sandman can help you avoid some of the mistakes often made when a professional arrangement is developed. Optimism is good, but a professional arrangement should be based on the hard facts and market realities that potential investors must consider. Additionally, a comprehensive plan must not fail to address possible risks that could lead to lawsuits and litigation in the future.

Business Contract Lawyer

To a great extent, commerce runs on contracts. In a business-to-business (B2B) agreement, a contract is simply a legally enforceable assurance that both sides will meet the terms of the agreement. If Company A fails to meet its contractual responsibility to Company B, Company B can ask a court to compel Company A to meet that responsibility or face legal consequences.

But sometimes there are complications, especially when two businesses enter into a contract. It’s often hard to determine how someone else will interpret a particular phrase or provision. This is where the counsel of a knowledgeable business contract attorney is priceless. A clear, precisely-drafted contract protects you and your business – as well as the other party – by preventing any misinterpretation.

Your Business Is Unique

There are no “simple” B2B contracts. If you operate a business, never enter into a contract without seeking the legal advice and counsel of an experienced business contract attorney. Don’t use or download pre-printed contracts. Your business is unique, and you should enter into only those contracts specifically drafted to cover and meet your unique needs. A good commercial contract is one that is clear, unambiguous and precise.

Sandman Law Office will go through every line of every contract before you sign it. B2B contracts are business agreements that involve at least two entities, so every possible misinterpretation or misunderstanding must be considered. This also protects your business from anyone who has dishonest intentions. Your attorney should also approve any changes, adjustments, or additions to any B2B contract.

Take extra caution when someone presents you with a business contract that’s drafted by another party’s attorney. You must always have your own lawyer review the contract, as the other party’s business lawyer will typically draft the contract in a manner that offers maximum benefit to their client. In short, they’re looking after the other person’s interests, not yours. So you need a qualified business lawyer who will protect your interests. Trust this important work to Sandman Law Office. Our team respects your confidentiality, time deadlines and financial commitment to your work.