Client Spotlight: Pizzamico®

The Secret Ingredient to Online Order Taking

Product Type: SAAS (Software-As-A-Service)

Services Provided: Trademark registration and maintenance, In-house Counsel

In a world full of costly online ordering solutions designed to suit the average restaurateur, exists Pizzamico®; a software company providing online ordering solutions to the independent pizzeria, designed around the specific needs of the industry.

With elaborate custom ordering solutions now commonplace for the big chains, online ordering has become more of an expectation than a luxury. For many independent pizzerias though, cost and upkeep are two factors that continually prohibit them from providing online and mobile ordering services to their customers. Pizzamico’s goal was to address these issues.

Why It’s Special:

With Pizzamico®, independent pizzerias can now deploy fully-managed online and mobile ordering to their customers with no up-front costs, no contracts, and no maintenance needs. The turn-key solution is set-up, installed, and managed at no charge, and the pizzeria is only ever charged (a small fixed-fee at that) when they receive an order through the software.

In short, this revolutionary platform allows independent pizzerias to offer the convenience of the big chains, while still providing the personal touch and unique taste that defines the “real” pizza experience.