Client Spotlight: Nitroponics®

The Future of Science-Based Plant Nutrition

Product Type: Enhanced water and water treatment systems exploiting the process of extracting nitrogen and oxygen from air and converting them into valuable nutrients and oxidizers by means of non-thermal plasma for use in agriculture.

Services Provided: Patent preparation, filing and prosecution; trademark registration and maintenance, in-house counsel and transactional work.

Nitroponics® is a patent-pending plasma water treatment technology developed by GreenPath Industries, LLC.  This science-driven company develops and delivers the next generation of agricultural technologies required to feed a hungry planet.


Why It’s Special:

Plasma used in agriculture generally involves the conditioning of air and irrigation water by passing them through a high voltage plasma discharge system. Within a plasma field, the oxygen and nitrogen components of air become highly ionized and unstable, creating a wide assortment of highly reactive species such as ozone (O3), nitric oxide (NO), nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3), hydroxide (OH), nitrous acid (HNO2) and nitric acid (HNO3). These gas phase radicals include super oxidizers, nitrogen compounds that are essential for plant growth and pH- balancing acids. When irrigation water is added to the plasma, many of the gas phase compounds become suspended in the water; of particular interest is nitrate, because it has high value as the primary nitrogen compound used by all plants.  The company’s technology includes:

Plasma Water Treatment: The NitroPonics® Water Treatment Technology, designed and manufactured by GreenPath Industries, LLC, includes unique technology able to reproduce atmospheric lightning on a micro scale. The patent-pending NitroPonics® system employs the use of a high voltage plasma discharge in the presence of air and water to produce plasma enhanced water, rich in nitrates without chemical additions that can be harmful to the planet.

Plasma Seed Treatment: Plasma treatment of seeds by exposing them directly to the plasma filaments and ionized gasses exiting the plasma reactor.

Plasma Sub-Surface Irrigation: GreenPath Industries is the only known producer of a technology that delivers both gas and liquid phase components exiting the plasma reactor directly to individual plant root areas.