Client Spotlight: Kimberly Faith

|Magnifying Hope|

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Kimberly Faith has spent her life magnifying hope. She is best known for her executive coaching, training, keynote speaking and her book, “Your Lion Inside: Tapping into the Power Within”. She is highly regarded for her executive coaching abilities focused around communications and executive presence, and is a respected and entertaining speaker.

Kimberly has dedicated her career to helping others through personal training and relevant executive skills development.  She connects with people around the world by sharing her journey of defining her own personal brand. Her keynotes attract professionals who are eager to learn from her experiences working with over 26,000 leaders. Her website:

The Book:

Kimberly Faith’s book, “Your Lion Inside: Tapping into the Power Within” shows the power of changing one’s narrative from the inside out. This fascinating guide to self-exploration highlights the positive effects of starting with personal growth to make lasting change around the world. She also writes about the current societal climate, and provides insight on harnessing personal change in order to invest  in a society that values what women bring to the table. Her book can be purchased here: