Client Spotlight: Cuckoo Nest Art Studio™

|Handcrafted Leather Art Pieces|

|Services Provided: Trademark, Copyright, and Business Services|

Cuckoo Nest Art Studio is a local leather art studio specializing in high-quality wrist watches, cuffs, bracelets and keychains with vintage or steam punk elements. Each piece is a true work of art handmade by artisan Paul Kakuk. As seen in the pictures below, Cuckoo Nest Art Studio offers both analog and smartwatch bands that are completely customizable. Paul handles every aspect of the creation of each piece, from dyeing the leather to finishing details. Paul’s dedication to his craft is apparent, and the entrepreneurial skills of the rest of the Cuckoo Nest Art Studio team have led to impressive growth. At Sandman Law Office, PLLC, we are thrilled to help local artisans like Cuckoo Nest Art Studio protect their intellectual property and growing businesses.